Stake’s Bad Beat Jackpot

Having some bad luck on the slots? No need to worry, we’ve got a share in $2,000 for you every Tuesday.

Stake’s Bad Beat Jackpot is here, where players will share in $2,000 every single week, if they’ve had some tough losses and hard luck on our third party games!


Place 1000+ bets over the last 7 days on third party slot games
Players who don’t win over $100 on one bet, or hit a 100x multiplier in any of their 1000+ bets will qualify!
Qualifying players will share in $2,000 every Tuesday
Qualifying players will win $20 at the minimum, which could take our jackpot over $2,000 if there are enough qualifying players.


All qualifying bets must be over 0.20 in terms of USD Value
Qualifying bets must be placed on third party provider slot games
Players will be sent a coupon via email after the end of the week, which means your email must be verified to qualify.
Please note: Weekly Jackpot run from 00:00am GMT every Tuesday and will end at 11:59pm GMT the following Monday, before a new jackpot begins.

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